Free Intro Class!!!

I think I’m ready to Get Started but I have a couple of Questions…

Q:  “OK, so I’m not really sure if this is right for me; I’ve read some info and watched a couple of videos but I’m just not sure…can I try it out before I join?”

A:  YES!!  We offer a FREE Intro Class every Saturday morning at 11am.  If you’re not sure if Crossfit is for you, then you’ll want to check this out! Email us today at to register for a Free Intro Class. Intro classes need to be registered for at least 24 hours in advance. If you have any questions prior to or about signing up, CONTACT US.

Q:  “I attended your FREE Intro Class, loved it, and I’m ready to become a member at LCCF; now what??”

A:  THAT’S GREAT!  All new athletes [that do not have extensive, prior Crossfit experience] must complete our Fundamentals Course.  Our Fundamentals Course is designed to teach you the basics of Crossfit and will make your experience at LCCF infinitely safer, more enjoyable and more effective when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.