Group Coaching Programs

free-intro-sidebarThe Group Coaching programs here at Lowcountry Crossfit are designed to develop your fitness to a higher level, in a group setting. The program is designed not for any one person’s “fitness goal”, but rather as a well rounded strength and conditioning program that can provide increased health and performance across many aspects of fitness. Our group program is designed to increase your entire fitness picture, including: strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular health, lactate threshold, and body composition. We have multiple “tracks” of programming in each class to help serve our varied community.  The “Workout of the day” or WOD is constantly varied each day, but not random. Some reasons why the Group Coaching at Lowcountry Crossfit may be right for you:

Supportive Community

  • Group coaching is the perfect solution for the individual looking for a supportive community that shares their desire to be healthier and happier.  All of our members, from our “elite athletes” to our retired grandparents, support one another because we are all working towards the same general goal, to increase our fitness.

Fraction of the Cost of Personal Training

  • Group coaching allows our members to work with a professional coach for a fraction of the investment.  Personal trainers charge upwards of 50$ per session. At Lowcountry Crossfit, you will get to work with our coaches, in a group setting, for a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

A Program to Follow, “Just show up ready to work”

  • Our group classes give you a program to follow, all you have to do is show up with a good attitude, ready to work, and listen to your coach.   Our coaches are highly trained and know what you need to get fit. No more walking into the gym with no plan in mind, and aimlessly “working out” or doing the same boring routine every time.  We know what you need, we know how to get you there.

Structured Classes

Each class is structured from start to finish, to enable you to be comfortable regardless of your fitness knowledge. You just worry about showing up, we’ll take it from there. Each class consists of:

  • Skill-based warm-up to prepare the body for the workout;
  • The Workout of the Day – which might be any combination of gymnastics, running, jumping, squatting, kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, and more;
  • Post-workout recovery techniques to prepare you for the rest of your day and for your next workout.  Including mobility drills to improve and restore joint mobility and function (normally upon request, there are a wide variety of techniques for various ailments that need to be pinpointed)

Multiple Programs for Different Athletes

At LCCF, we know that “one size fits all” programs are inadequate at best and potentially dangerous. That’s why we have multiple tracks for you to choose from.  Simply put, our programs are designed to improve our members’ health and performance in the way that is most meaningful for their needs and desires.  We understand that that everyone walking through the door has a wide range of personal goals and fitness backgrounds.  Our group coaching program is designed with the flexibility to meet those needs.  Although they aren’t as specific as an individual program designed with one person in mind, our group coaching program still allows our members to choose from three different paths to achieve their goals: