Travel Wods

Travel Wods that can be completed in hotels, on tracks, and with some equipment:

Track Wods:
Wod #1
A. For Time
x 1 mile Lunge Walk

Wod #2
A. 5 RFT
x 20 m Sprint
x 20 m Backward Run
x 40 m Sprint
x 40 m Backward Run
x 60 m Sprint
x 60 m Backward Run
x 80 m Sprint
x 80 m Backward Run

Hotel Gym Wods:
Wod #1
A. “Chelsea” 30 min. EMOM
x 5 pullups
x 10 pushups
x 15 squats

Wod #2
A. “Angie” For Time
x 100’s

Wod #3
A. “Mary” 20 min. AMRAP
x 5 HSPU
x 10 Pistol Squats
x 15 Pullups

Hotel Room Wods:
Wod #1
A. 10 min. EMOM (Alternating)
x 10 Pushups
x 20 Squats
B. 10 min. AMRAP
x 5 Bench Dips
x 10 Piked Pushups
x 15 Get Ups
x 20 Jumping Lunges

Wod #2
A. “Death by”
Examples (Burpees, Squats, Lunges, Sit Ups)

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